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          Tie Bar and Hydro-cylinder


          Technology Index:
          Material 38CrMoAlA,
          SKD61, 42CrMo, etc.
          Length 1000-8000MM
          Nitriding Layer Depth 0.2-0.5MM
          Plastic Type Thermoplastic Nitriding Layer Hardness HV570-650
          Structure Vertical and Horizontal Composite Cr-Plating Layer Depth 0.02-0.08mm
          Diameter 10-600MM Clamping Force 200Kn-350000kn
          Surface hardness HV700-1100 Bimetallic Layer Depth 0.015-0.025mm
          Surface Roughness Ra0.2-0.4 Straightness 0.015mm/m
            Heat-treatment, Nitriding treatment, Electroplated hard-chrome finish, High-frequency quenching, Spray coating bimetallic-alloy, Vacuum quenching.  
            Customer's specification and drawing are accepted in the manufacturing various materials of pillars, columns, tie bars, guide rods which applicable to various plastic, rubber injection molding machine, hydraulic machine, diverse machine tool etc. (Special dimension and spec. are also acceptable. )

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