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          Rubber Machine Screw Barrel


          Technology Index:
          Barrel Surface Roughness Ra0.4um Nitriding Layer Hardness HRC950-1020
          Barrel Straightness 0.015mm Nitriding Fragility < = Grade one
          Inner Diameter Φ14-Φ300 X 8000mm Screw Straightness 0.0015mm
          L/D Ratio L/D=8-20 Cr-Plating Layer Depth 0.03-0.08mm
          Screw Surface Roughness Ra0.4μm Bimetallic Layer Depth >2.0mm
          Nitriding Layer Depth 0.5-0.8mm Bimetallic Layer Hadness HRC55°-72°
          Cold feed rubber screw and barrel: Specification: Ф40-Ф300MM
                                           L/D Ratio: 8-20
          Hot feed rubber screw and barrel: Specification: Ф30-Ф250MM
                                             L/D ratio: 4-8
          Pin-rubber screw and barrel: Specification: Ф60-Ф250MM
                                         L/D ratio: 12-18
          Screw types:
          You can choose different structures of the screw according to different plastic material, which can increase the plasticizing effect, such asgradual, mutant, wavy, double-screen, distributary, separating, exhausting, pin type, mixed, double screws, three screws.

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