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          Bimetallic Twin Parallel Screw Barrel


          Product Description:
          Type: Pipe Extruder
          Screw: Twin Screw
          Plastic Processed: PVC
          Basic Materical: 38crmoala, SKD61, 42CrMo, etc
          Screw Diameter: 10mm-400mm
          Clamping Force: 200kn-350000kn
          We offer various types of extruder screws and adjust to different compression ratio, which can fulfill customer's requirement perfectly.
          Specification(Diametallic Range): Ø 35/2~Ø 180/2
          L/D Ratio: 16-35
          Or can be custumized.
          Material: 38CrMoAlA, SKD11, SKD61, HPT2B, high quality alloy steel, etc
          Technology: Nitriding treatment, Alloy coating sparying, heat-treatment, etc

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