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          Screw Barrel for Injection Moulding Machine


          Basic Information:
          Plastic Type: Thermoplastic
          Basic Materical: 38crmoaia, SKD61, 42crmo, etc
          Screw Diameter: 10mm-400mm
          Clamping Force: 200kn-350000kn
          Structure:Vertical and Horizontal Composite
          Type: Preform Injection

          Technical Index:
          Depth of Nitrated Layer: 0.5-0.8mm
          Hardness of Nitration: 900-1020Hv
          Fragility of Nitration: Less than grade 1
          Surface roughness: Ra 0.4um
          Hardness of Cr-coating Layer: ≥950Hv
          Thickness of Cr-coated Layer: 0.03-0.08mm
          Hardness of Bimetallic Layer: HRC55-72
          Depth of Bimetallic Layer: >2mm
          Used for Granulation, PE, PP, PA, PC, ABS, AS, PPR, UPVC, PU, HDPE, TPR, LDPEetc

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