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          Conical Twin Screw Barrel


          Basic information:
          Screw: Twin-Screw
          Application: PVC Profile, Pipe, UPVC Granulation
          L/D Ratio: 16-35
          Specification: D35/2-D180/2
          Working process:
          Raw Material - Quenching & Tempering - Rough Machining - Semi finish Machining - Finish Machining - Nitriding Treatment - Bimetallic Casting - Inspection - Finish Products
          Material Available:
          Nitrided Steel: 42CrMo, 38CrMoALA, etc
          Cool work steel: D2, SKD61, 9Cr18MoV etc.
          Heat resistant steel: SKH51, GH113 etc.
            While improving our management and quality system, we actively import the advanced technology from oversea market. We strive to provide customers with quality products with competitive price and service.

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