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          Plastic fabrication for packaging and handling


          If you are looking for hard wearing plastic handles to fit your company's packaging, Uniplas has a range of handles including hangar style hooked tops and standard handles in multiple sizes.

          Plastic injection moulding can also be used to create containers for storing or handling materials and the variety of machines at Uniplas enables us to build bigger containers including bread crates on site.


          Customise your plastic manufacturing with Uniplas



          While stock is generally supplied in standard configurations and colours, if you require a different colour or an alternative material the Uniplas team can customise one of our standard parts to meet your needs.

          Plastic product design can also be customised to create a variation on one of our standard items to fit your requirements.
          If you need a more specialised part, talk to our team about new product development and how our injection moulding process can create a part designed exactly to your specifications.
          To find out more contact us to discuss your plans in more detail.

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